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Olympus Energy are the Energy Company Obligation funder which aims to make a difference to our clients and our installer partners as we collectively deliver the UK’s important energy efficiency and fuel poverty targets.

The story of Olympus Energy started with lead generation. We’ve been experts at generating leads in the obligated market even before ECO when CERT/CESP was in operation.

Because we’re funders with relationships with the UK’s largest energy suppliers, getting things right isn’t an option it’s imperative.

Using both ECMK and ECOSurv platforms, we can engage with most forms or original surveys to ensure that all work is fully compliant..

Olympus Energy have years of experience delivering direct ECO contracts for the UK’s largest energy suppliers.

ECO has always been about forming strong partnerships but this is going to be even more important as our industry moves towards ECO 4.

We’re a business with a real difference.

We have worked in every aspect of delivering ECO and as a result are truly well placed to know the challenges in getting this work done. From Lead Generation to Installing and now as a leading Funding Provider we’ve got experience at every stage of the process.

The Olympus Difference.

You’ll see the difference when you work with us. Our attention to detail, our approach on getting things right and doings the very best we can in ECO is what sets us apart.