From being a well-known and respected Lead Generator through using our own leads to deliver our own installs, as a funding provider, managing ECO funds directly with the largest UK energy companies, we’re truly well placed to understand the challenges that installers face. We believe by working together we can provide an effective and impressive service in getting these important legal obligations delivered.

Working towards the future of Eco Solutions.

Our aim is to develop the systems, knowledge and support so we’re all well-placed to develop our respective businesses in ECO which has its own special demands and requirements.

As ECO develops into the next chapter we believe anyone working with us is well placed to be at the forefront of what ECO needs to look like and to get the maximum opportunity into the hands of the business that choose to work with us.


We know that an adaptable, versatile, flexible, motivated team does great things and that’s what we aspire to being. We’re caring, helpful, supportive, friendly. We value and respect each other’s contribution and we make it our business to pull together to get a great job done.

  • We are a winning team

  • Teamwork matters here

  • We are Team that gets things done

  • We’re a great team


We’re a business of information. Communication is everything to getting great results. We search out opportunities to communicate well, internally and externally. We think about who interacts with our work next. Our aim is that we’re a breath of fresh air to deal with.

  • We are business of great communicators

  • Communication matters here

  • We communicate well

  • Great communication is key

  • Communication is a cornerstone of what we do


We are proud of what we do – we’re proud of where we do it from. We have a friendly, open, informal flexible atmosphere but the support, open, hospitable way we do things means we get great results in everything we apply ourselves to.

  • We are a great place to work

  • A great workplace gets great results

  • Our workplace is important to us

  • We make a great first impression

Flexibility & Change.

We thrive in a business which changes a lot. We are positive, flexible, creative and optimistic in our ability to be innovative and creative to generate effective outcomes which move us to the next level. We are dedicated to continuous improvements. We embrace change and are unstoppable in the face of any challenges it brings.

  • We engage with what we do positively
  • Our ability to be flexible improves the results we achieve

  • We’re innovative, flexible and creative
  • We embrace change with our positive approach

Customer Focussed.

We deal with a variety of people. Whether that’s customers in the home, installers in our network, our energy company clients and other businesses we deal with. We go further to delight and impress everyone we deal with because doing it this way feels good. It defines who we are and how we aim to operate.

  • We do great things for the people we work with and for
  • It matters that our clients and customers get great work from us
  • We’re constantly getting even better at what we do for our customers
  • We’re leaders in delighting our customers, clients and stakeholders

The Olympus Difference.

You’ll see the difference when you work with us. Our attention to detail, our approach on getting things right and doings the very best we can in ECO is what sets us apart.